About Us

MILLCHEM Africa is a leading regional chemicals and lubricants distributor realizing healthy sales in close cooperation with selected principals. The Group is dedicated to providing Responsible Care®, compliant logistic, marketing and technical services and Product Stewardship.

The Group’s core activity is in marketing, distribution and sales of chemicals and lubricants, ranging from generic commodities, to branded specialties. Our installations allow us to provide ancillary activities, such as logistics, warehousing, bulk breaking, mixing, blending, packaging and labeling.


MILLCHEM Africa maintains high standards of quality, environmental and safety performance and is the only African member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD Responsible Distribution)*, an organisation promoting responsible distribution. This membership ensures MILLCHEM provides customers with a verified guarantee of global best practices in terms of industrial processes, quality assurance, as well as health, safety and environmental care.



The Group aspires to be a leading regional provider of integrated marketing, sales and distribution services to the chemicals and lubricants industry. The Group plans to continue to follow its long-standing strategy of realizing this objective through the pursuit of three strategic pillars:

  • Providing industry-leading generic and specialist products and services
  • Driving growth organically and through selected mergers and acquisitions
  • Focusing on its organizational capacity to drive profitability, cash generation and returns

MILLCHEM Africa sources chemicals from a wide range of top rated tier 1 suppliers in Europe, South Africa, China and India. The company has its own chemical blending facilities and has ownership of its product formulations.  Furthermore, the company offers market leading commercial terms that are responsive to customers’ needs and provides high level technical support.

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MILLCHEM is Zimbabwe's leading distributor of industrial solvents and metal treatment products.