Our Values

Our Vision

To make the world a better place by growing an innovative, profitable company, leaving a legacy we can one day be proud to bequeath our grandchildren.  At MILLCHEM we maintain integrity and trust in all professional relationships, teaming with strong business partners who have similar objectives and philosophies.

Our Mission

To provide solutions to improve our customer's quality and productivity. We relentlessly pursue:

  • Reduced total cost of ownership for our customers
  • The ability for our employees to develop their full potential
  • Exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders associated with our company

Our Strategy

We are responsive and deliver quality. We pursue simplicity and sincerity in each interaction with our
business partners. We improve the quality and added value of our products and services through continuous, cost-effective innovation. We conduct our business ethically and legally at all times and we are a responsible corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate. We recruit and engage top-quality employees, and we encourage them to realize their potential while rewarding them competitively. We delegate authority and responsibility as far down in our organization as possible in order to create a lean, participative, and entrepreneurial organization that is highly responsive to the market.

Community Involvement

We follow a thoughtful program of public involvement that focuses company resources in areas where MILLCHEM can have a meaningful impact on the community in which it is involved.

Environment, Health and Safety

At MILLCHEM we appreciate the global nature of environmental, health and safety issues, and respect our responsibility to customers, employees and local communities. MILLCHEM has pledged itself to the principles of “Responsible Distribution” and will seek peers to join this global standard. Our membership with the NACD shows our principles are in line with the global standards of both the care and preservation of resources, and the health and safety regulations that are key to a safe environment to work in.

We take Responsibility, We Care

Responsible Distribution and high HSQ&E standards are an integral part of us. Our suppliers enjoy an efficient and secure channel to the market by providing technical support, sampling services, and complaint handling. Joint visits and seminars are regularly organised to ensure that our partners in the value chain can benefit from direct and unbiased market feedback. Whether you are seeking direct access to the Southern African market, or a reliable, responsive, and responsible supplier for your chemical needs, MILLCHEM is your local partner of choice.

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