What We Do

MILLCHEM offers innovative products to the manufacturing industry:
functional ingredients, quality raw materials as well as blends.
All of these offered in a wide range of available packaging solutions.

MILLCHEM keeps a comprehensive range of liquid and solid chemicals in stock, available for prompt dispatch in various forms of packaging. Deliveries range from entire bulk, to deliveries in drums, cans, bags, all the way down to 750ml bottles. The products originate from leading producers with audited quality management systems. Our terminals and sales offices in Harare Zimbabwe ensure an effective supply to the manufacturing industry.

Because we are active in the entire value chain, we have a good understanding of what is “going on” in the market and we share these insights with our principals and customers, making us a reliable partner. Each week we deliver to you from our warehouses only the substances you need with open credit in local currency thereby, freeing up your working capital for investments in new equipment instead of raw materials. We supply in drums, bags, or cans, all ready for you.



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